The process

Starting your company can be very rewarding personally and financially so long as you’re committed to providing quality service to your customers. 

To get the ball rolling you’ll need to find an available company name, prepare incorporation documents and then file them with the concerned authorities. 

You’ll also need to apply for a bank account for payments and invest in and set up domain, website, hosting and email systems to run your business.


Just so you don’t get lost in the process and associated costs we give you everything you need to start your company.

With your company registration, you get:

- a business bank account
- domain name (free for a whole year)
- website design (free)
- web Hosting * (free for 3 months)
- emails (free for 3 months)
- premium listings (free for a whole year)
- premium marketing tools (free for a whole year)
- website optimization (free)